Freedom 4th of July Mystery Mailers **Graphic Tee Earrings Sparkler Wristlet Sticker Candy-

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Hey hey hey!!! Ya'll- I have wanted to do one of these for a LONG time so I am beyond thrilled about this!
Have you wanted to offer your customers Mystery Mailers but didn't want the hassle of sourcing them and putting them together?
We have your back! Wholesale Mystery Mailers are here at OBX Prep!

❤️💙🤍 Freedom Mystery Mailer Details:
❤️💙🤍 Orders open today!
❤️💙🤍 Orders close 6/10 so we have time to get them out to you or drop ship them.
❤️💙🤍 Orders ship to you or begin drop shipping 6/24.
❤️💙🤍 Mystery Mailer Value for Main Box is $120
❤️💙🤍 Wholesale cost is $50 for Main Box, MSRP is $100
❤️💙🤍 Main Box contains: Tee or Tank, Seed Beaded Earrings or Enamel Stud, Tumbler, Wristlet, Sparkler (1), Sunglasses, Sticker, and Candy Treat.
❤️💙🤍 Small Mystery Mailer- tee or tank, seed beaded or enamel stud earrings, different candy treat.
❤️💙🤍 Small Mailer Value- $60
❤️💙🤍 Wholesale - $25, MSRP $40-50
❤️💙🤍 I wanted to add- this is also a "Shop Small" style Mystery Mailer. We tried to order any items we don't normally carry (stickers, candy, sparklers) from other Small businesses so you may feel free to promote that as well, especially on this holiday!