Gel Beads Body Wraps- Great for Summer!

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Gel Beads Body Wraps
For all over comfort: neck, shoulder, back, and legs.
Soft plush backing for maximum comfort.
Therapeutic gel-filled beads.
Soothes sore muscles • Relieves tension
May be used hot or cold.
Microwave and freezer safe.
Great for cooling off after a day in the sun.

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Hot + Cold Gel Beads Body Wrap

For Cold Use: Place body wrap in freezer for an hour or until the desired temperature is achieved. Do not allowed gel beads to freeze. Fit the wrap around desire area and adjust accordingly.

For Warm Use: Place body wrap in microwave for 10-30 seconds intervals as needed to reach desired temperature. Do not overheat as it may damage or destroy the product. Fit the wrap around desire area and adjust accordingly. 

Care & Cleaning: Spot or wipe clean

Features: Flexible, Reusable, Hot or Cold, Ultra Soft Plush Backing