Gel Beads Face Mask Great for Summer S

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Gel Beads Face Mask Great for Summer
Helps relieve migraines, tension, and reduce puffiness. We love them to soothe our skin after a day in the sun.
Can be used hot or cold!
Microwave and freezer safe.
Soft plush backing for maximum comfort.
Relief from tired and puffy eyes.
Aqua color.
Each package contains two pairs.

Ideal for relieving migraines, stress related tension, sinus pain & heat exhaustion. 
• Therapeutic gel-filled beads 
• Microwavable & Freezable
For Warm Use: Place in clean microwave for 10 second intervals until desired warmth is achieved.
Do not overheat.
For Cold Use: Place in freezer for 1 hour until desired coolness is achieved. Do not allow gel beads
to freeze.