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Give You My Heart Sweaters

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OBX Prep brand beautiful heart crewneck pullover sweater just in time for Valentine's Day! This Adorable Crewneck Heart Sweater Has All of the Good Vibes.

This knit sweater is a classic crewneck that fits on the loose and relaxed side. Because of its simple silhouette, the heart design is truly what stands out!

There are two stitching patterns that separate the heart from the rest of the piece — the heart has a cable knit design, while the rest of the sweater offers your typical smooth knit feel. Finally, the neckline, wrists and hem are ribbed to finish off the look!

Thousands of shoppers are swooning over how soft and cute this sweater is — over 7,000 to be exact! You might look at this sweater and immediately think it’s meant for Valentine’s Day, but you can wear it anytime you want. With the holidays on the horizon, the red and white version of this sweater is an excellent gift idea for friends and family. Whenever they slip it on, they’re bound to think of you and grin!